Loyola Looks is the fashion + style society of Loyola University Maryland. Our blog is an entirely student-run endeavor featuring high-resolution fashion stories, impressive interviews with both stylish students on campus and fashion industry professionals, and human interest articles produced by our writing rockstars. We aim to educate, excite, and evoke discussion about fashion + style rather than just re-blog content buzzing around the internet. Students, you are urged to get involved in the two other divisions of Loyola Looks: Events and Multi-media. Contact the team at loyolalooks@gmail.com


LL Board Picture coming soon!

*Special thanks to Celia Goldsmith for her wonderful support, enthusiasm, and help through this long process, and Professor Ronnie Gunnerson and Dr. Rosas-Marino for being excellent mentors to us!

2009-2012 by Rachel Sims. All articles and photographs on this blog are protected and any republishing of the posts in their entirety is prohibited without permission.


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  1. Shevonda Robinson

    Hello! I adore the blog and how everyone loves, eat, & breathes fashion! I share the same passion 🙂 I am the Assistant Fashion Director for Fever Shoes in Atlanta, Ga. We are gathering our favorite blogs to view our lookbook and possibly include in your blog as a feature. If your interested in learning more about the designer Natischa Harvey and the shoe line, feel free to contact me by email and we can discuss more. Also, when you visit the website-tell me your favorite shoe 🙂

    Loyola Looks

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