NOVEMBER 19, 2012

Stopping By…ReDeux


Photography – Kavanaugh Oktavec        Styling – Sahtia Rivers + Kavanaugh Oktavec

Model – Kara with Click Model Management

All clothing courtesy of ReDeux    Make-up provided by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics of Towson

Creative Direction by Sahtia Rivers + the Loyola Looks Board

Special thanks to Kavanaugh Oktavec, Kara Greenwood, and the ladies of ReDeux.


2012 BSA Fashion Show

BY:  Nicole Ferrari & PHOTOS BY:  KAVANAUGH OKTAVEC:  April 20, 2012

The annual Black Student Association Fashion Show here at Loyola went off without a hitch.  The looks were daring, the models were beautiful, and the makeup by Lancome was amazing!  Not to mention the beautiful sounds of Beauty and the Greek.  If you missed it, here are a few select photos of the show and a few behind the scenes.  Enjoy!

D&G Dress

by Kavanaugh Oktavec:  February 19, 2012

Model Catherine White

Semi-Throwback Shades:

These Dior sunglasses from the 2007 line are sure to have you wishing for blue-sky days while we enjoy the rainy Turkey-Day weather here.  So, here’s to the sun and enjoy the distraction!

BY (and photography):  NICOLE FERRARI

NOVEMBER 23, 2011

Fall Colors:

A beautiful fall fashion-shoot with model McKenzie Vlk.  She is wearing a trench plaid overcoat from Delias, black rim hat from Urban Outfitters, and a gorgeous ensemble featuring earth tones that highlight the season.  Fall is a no-brainer!  Let nature give you the color palette and don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures to liven it up.


NOVEMBER 17th, 2011

The Fashion Scene:

The Industry Social Event hosted by Fashion Awards MD. Held at Milan Restaurant in Little Italy

By Samantha Pessognelli

October 26, 2011

Vintage Vignette


Oct. 19, 2011

Welcome back Loyola Lookers!  This is a small tribute to the end of summer as we carry on with fall.  What is great about the accessories in this shoot, in addition to the overall vintage look, is that they are easily transitional to the cooler months when we are covered up and wearing darker colors.  Our lovely model, Mckenzie Vlk, is wearing a ribbed black sun hat from Target, which is great because the neutral color goes with almost anything, and you can still wear something like this on sunny fall days.  And high waisted shorts are still in!  Pair with patterned or black tights with wedge heels and wear to class! For a night on the town, take the red one-piece and slip it on with a pair of dark skinny jeans and heels for a sexy night out with the girls.  A Looker always refashions her clothes to stay current without emptying her wallet!

Symphony in Black and White

by Nicole Ferrari

April 13, 2011

Yes spring is here and so are the fabulous florals, neon colors, Havianas, and espadrilles…but does that mean you still can’t get dressed up and chic?  NO!  The photoshoot below will hopefully inspire you to keep your little black dresses out of the storage boxes and ready to use at your next cocktail party.  Inspired by the bipolar weather Maryland is currently experiencing, I did a photo shoot with lovely models Alexandra Miller and McKenzie Vlk that plays upon the concepts of tension between polar opposites.  McKenzie in the white is wearing a dress with slanted zipper pockets from Forever 21 and Steve Madden zebra booties.  Alexandra in the black is wearing a wrap dress from local boutique Cupcake with black platforms.  In this fantastical set up, we get a sense of the tension and harmony between black and white.  Hey Maryland… is it winter or spring yet??

The 13th Annual BSA Fashion Show

By:  Claire Cummings

March 25 2011

This year at Loyola, the Black Student Association hosted their annual Fashion Show featuring designs from many talented designers, most from right here in Baltimore and the models were none the less fabulous.  The show was a huge success.  Below are a selection of photographs featuring the fashion show from the catwalk to behind the scenes!



On the Quad

By:  Nicole Ferrari

April 4 2011

On a rainy day in early Winter the team of Loyola Looks in conjunction with Loyola Looks TV set out to capture the stylish ladies of the Evergreen campus.  However, the weather had no thoughts of cooperating with our project, but noticing the adorable printed umbrellas and rain-boots that were spotting the campus, we decided to carry on anyway.  Host Lana Russo and GreyComm Studios’ Jennifer Barthole set out to interview and film unsuspecting fashionistas for their segment.  And lucky for our readers (and myself) I was invited to tag along to capture the still shots to post for everyone to see!  Below are a few of our favorites who rocked their rain gear in style.   Now that we are at the beginning of April, these looks will surely come in handy as inspiration to fight “April’s Showers!”

(Host Lana with a lovely fashionista and Jennifer filming)

Alex and Jennifer






Pauline Rader Jewelry

by Nicole Ferrari

December 2010

Towards the end of the semester, things tend to get a little hectic.  We are scrambling to finish our mountains of papers and studying for finals.  Us girls do many things to deal with the stress including frequent coffee breaks to the Starbucks on campus, eating Christmas cookies our parents are sending, most likely getting in arguments with our roommates, and finally – retail therapy.  Around all of this I mustered up the time to meet with Jon Levine, new owner of Pauline Rader Jewelry who is excited to announce and be working to restore the continuation of the line which ceased many years ago with the retirement of his grandmother, Pauline Rader.  I got to see many of the pieces of the collection first-hand as well as photograph them.  The pieces are vintage inspired and usually massive in size.  Using many materials including Swarovski crystals, the collection is under its way to becoming a favorite go to for us fashinistas looking for a great statement piece to add a little umph to our LBDs.  Visit to view more and contact for purchases or where to find the pieces locally.

“Out of her Showroom in New York City, Pauline Rader
produced necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants,
earrings and rings with designs including ancient
coin replica pieces of jewelry, figurals and flowers.
Pauline Rader designs were manufactured in very small
quantities for a select clientele and elite boutiques, therefore,
her jewelry is difficult to find and highly collectible.
She ceased operations in the 1980’s.  Jon Rader Levine,
the grandson of Pauline, together with his wife
Leigh, are excited to bring Pauline Rader Jewelry
back with some new inspired creations.”

Rocking Fall

by Nicole Ferrari

10 November 2010

With Fall in full swing, it is time to get into the groove of switching our color palettes from warm fall colors into the rich darks of winter-wear.  However, that doesn’t mean we have to get all drab and stick to safe plaids, black pea-coats, and Ugg boots does it?  Of course not!  This fall we are seeing a lot of fashion houses inspired by the styles of chic rock and roll.  And what better time than now to bring out the leather jackets and fishnets?  Our lovely model, Ashley Pecoraro, shows us how to rock the rock look during the fall with fun fishnets.  Pair the fishnets with a clean line jacket instead of the detailed military-looks that we’ve been seeing so as to not add extra busyness.  And ladies, don’t be afraid to rock the stars and stripes after July, they can add just the right amount of color and fun to an otherwise edgy outfit.  If you aren’t sure you want to go as bold as Ashley here, pair your fishnets with a pair of ankle-boots, a pencil skirt, and don a frilly blouse under the leather jacket to keep a little extra femininity.

Summer Into Fall

by Nicole Ferrari

September 8, 2010

The theme of this photo shoot was Summer into Fall.  There is always that time of year when Summer and Fall can’t make up their mind who is winning.  When school starts again we are all excited to swap our now worn out jean shorts for our new fall trends.  But just one problem: it is still blazing hot!

Featured in this photo shoot is Alexandra Miller wearing a beautiful turquoise dress from Forever 21.  The great thing about this dress is the style.  Every fashionable girl knows that the best way to look cute and stay cool is a light dress.  The color is a bright turquoise that works beautifully, surprisingly, with Fall colors yet is still in tune with Summer.  The style is a little country and a little girlie.  Pair with simple knee-boots to add a little masculinity to the girlish style and the pop of copper leather keeps with the Fall vibe.  A splash of red lipstick adds more interest.  So, ladies, don’t be afraid to flaunt your legs in a colorful day dress on campus!

A Stylish Twist on Alice in Wonderland

By Nicole Ferrari

April 12, 2010

In the spirit of the debut of Tim Burton’s remake of Alice in Wonderland, as well as Forever 21’s Alice inspired line, I decided to do a little editorial shoot.  If you love Alice in Wonderland like we do here at Loyola Looks, you can find affordable and less over-the-top ways to bring the movie into your everyday wardrobe.  Where else to start first than the star of the show, Alice.  In the photos, Alice, modeled by Adrianne Kartachak, is wearing a beautiful blue dress from Anthropologie.  The style and color are signature Alice in Wonderland yet subdued enough to wear at almost any occasion.  Tie your hair back with a black satin ribbon, add in black Mary-janes and poof you are Alice!  The White Rabbit, as modeled by Alexandra Miller, is wearing a lovely white dress from Delia’s that goes along the same lines as Alice’s – classic yet wearable any day.  The bubble skirt of the dress is reminiscent of the rabbit’s tail and so of the moment right now especially as spring is in full bloom.  Pair the dress with white tights (you mostly likely will find a pair in the back of your sock drawer) and funky white heels from Hot Topic to add in a little fantasy and you are The White Rabbit!  The Mad-Hatter and the Cheshire cat, although minor characters, definitely have recognizable styles.  Both modeled by Kate Miller, are simple to pull of with even the most minor of accessories.  A pink and maroon striped sweater from American Eagle turns you into the cheshire cat in an instant (a very fashionable one that is).  Save your Mad-Hatter look for the fall when pin-striped vests (found at Heritage), argyle cardigans (Target), gloves and top-hats will be seen on models all over the runways.  Style on, Loyola.

Photographer: Nicole Ferrari

Models: Adrianne Kartachak, Alexandra Miller, Kate Miller

What to Wear to an Interview

By Nicole Ferrari

March 15, 2010

Formal Interview

Casual Interview


Photographer: Nicole Ferrari

Models: Stephanie and Nicole

Channeling the Runway

By: Lauren Menn

February 23, 2010

As many of you probably know, New York Fashion Week was last week. A bunch of big name designers (and a few up-incoming ones) showed their Fall 2010 lines. These shows are known for being some of the most outrageous runway shows. The clothes in these shows are not “ready-to-wear.” A good amount of the designs most people would never dare to wear outside because they are just so over the top. So what’s the point of these runway shows if people can’t wear them? The answer to that question is that those outfits set the trends. The Fashion Week runway shows mirror what will be popular for that season. The challenge is to find the trends and make them wearable. So I decided to do my own take on the trends I found in the runway shows. The main trends for Fall 2010 seem to be gray, prints, bright colors, cowl neck, fringe, military style and shorter, often higher waisted, skirts.

Shots from the Runway

(photos thanks to

Photographers:Joanna Coco and Ashley Pecoraro

Models: Joanna Coco, Lauren Menn, Nicole Nichols, and Ashley Pecoraro

What to Wear on a Date

By Nicole Ferrari

February 23, 2010

Casual Lunch/Movies

Sporting Event Date

Dinner Date

Photographer: Nicole Ferrari

Models: Stephanie and Mark

 2009-2011 by Rachel Sims. All articles and photographs on this blog are protected and any republishing of the posts in their entirety is prohibited without permission.



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